Body Contouring


Extensive Procedures to Our Patients.

The devices and procedures below are body contouring procedures which are adjunct to proper diet and exercise not alternatives. These devices reduce the volume of subcutaneous (not visceral) fat, improving the appearance of fat and cellulite and tightening the skin.


 Non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring using cavitation ultrasound with interference radiofrequency. The ultrasound vibrates the cell membrane of the fat cell causing them to develop air bubbles inside the cell. These air bubbles will burst because of the pressure of the hand piece exerted during the procedure releasing triglycerides from the fat cell into the surrounding fluids. Triglycerides  are converted to glycerol and fatty acids which are taken up by the lymphatic system and moved to the liver for use or disposal. The radiofrequency helps tighten loose skin.  

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